Indie Horror Title Among The Sleep Will Have You Crying Like A Baby On PS4


What was once a humble Kickstarter passion project is now ready to take its first steps onto the console gaming scene, after it was revealed that Krillbite Studio’s unique, first-person horror title Among The Sleep has been confirmed for a PlayStation 4 release with Project Morpheus support to boot.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, the studio’s own Ole Andreas Jordet outlined the game’s unique premise, which hopes to tap into that universal fear of childhood nightmares.

“Merging a child’s perception of reality with its wild imagination provides an interesting setting to tell a story. With only your teddy bear as a companion, we hope players will unravel what is actually causing the fear and confusion.”

From the teaser trailer, the game appears to channel the vulnerability that horror veterans will know all to well after their experiences with Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs and, more recently, Red Barrel Games’ chill-inducing Outlast. However, Among the Sleep aims to take that feeling of powerlessness to the extreme by dropping players in the body of a two-year-old.

In order to jettison the game into development, Krillbite Studio’s turned to Kickstarter for support in the early stages of 2013. During its time on the crowd funding site, Among the Sleep garnered a flood of support from eager backers, allowing the promising horror title to comfortably surpass its target and pull in a total of $248,358.

While the studio is yet to announce a release date at this time, Among The Sleep will hope to induce night terrors across the gaming community when it launches across PlayStation 4, PC, Mac and indeed Linux later in 2014.