Injustice 2 Achievement List Reveals An Unannounced Character


Earth’s going to be under assault on all fronts in Injustice 2. The Justice League, in general disarray following the events of the original game, isn’t exactly going to be in the best shape to defend its native people from the likes of Brainiac or Gorilla Grodd’s malicious group of supervillains. But amidst all of this bleak, uneasy fighting, does NetherRealm plan to give its upcoming brawler a shot in the arm as far as humor’s concerned? There’ll surely be comic relief in the form of witty dialogue from the likes of the Flash, but it looks as if Batman’s nemesis – the Joker – is set to make a star-studded return for the sequel next month.

As per Xbox Achievements, the entirety of Injustice 2‘s achievement list has been let out of the bag a little early, of which two are present that make direct reference to the Clown Prince himself. ‘I Love You, I hate You’ and ‘Why Aren’t You Laughing?’ require players to defeat Joker as Harley Quinn using her Go Night Night finisher and for Joker to defeat Batman with the final hit coming from an attack called Not So Funny Is It?

Of course, given that Joker – one version of him, at least – is killed during the events of the first game, whether or not he’d be making an appearance for the beat ’em up has been a topic ripe for debate among fans. Death, it seems, isn’t exactly permanent in DC’s multiverse, so Injustice 2‘s version of the character could very well be from an alternate universe entirely.

NetherRealm has yet to officially announce Joker for Injustice 2, but a new character reveal is due later this week. Could it be the Clown Prince of Crime? We only have three days to wait for a definitive answer, so stay tuned.