The 5 Most Insane Things I Did In The First Five Hours Of Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto V is not just a game. More than any other sandbox title before it, GTA V is a living, breathing world, and to say it is fun to drop into that world is a vast understatement. This game is the virtual version of what it must be like to bring a searing hot crack pipe to your lips and take a drag. You have, never in your life, felt addiction like you will feel once you start playing this glorious game. If you want to read our full review, you’re going to have to wait just a bit longer until we’ve really had the proper amount of time to sink our teeth into it. In the meantime though, I just wanted to take a chance to tell you some of the most insane things I have experienced in the first five hours of the game.

Yes, just the first five hours.

What’s insane is, I had to pick from handful of moments. You would think there wouldn’t be so many awesome moments so early in the game, but that is the thing about GTA V. The entire game, from the first frame to the last, is perfect. There is not a single mission that feels tacked on or broken. Hell, even the side missions and “characters of interest” (which are questions marks on the map) all lead to awesome, hilarious, or intense moments. Add to that the fact that you can switch between three characters at any time, and it WILL hit you that this is the high water mark for gaming. It really is.

It is SO good, in fact, and there is SO much to do, that I can tell you that outside of core missions, my first five hours with the game played out very differently than anyone else’s. It is that individualization that makes the game so freaking epic. You may want to run around and kill hookers when you play, but I really dig hunting and playing the stock market (which I will say more about soon). The funny thing is, I have asked two dozen gamer friends about this, and not ONE has even checked the stock market in the game so far. That is how distinct your experience will be to you, and that is what makes GTA V such an unforgettable game.

Well, that, and the story, and characters, and radio stations, and size and scope, and graphics, and lack of glitches, and just how fun it is. So essentially, everything about it makes it perfect. But enough about me spouting just how awesome it is in a cryptically vague way. Now, onto the proof.

Here’s the five most insane things I did in the first five hours of Grand Theft Auto V.