An Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet PC Port Is On Its Way

Although a released date has yet to be announced, the PC version of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet “is coming very soon,” according to Michel Gagne and Joe Olson of Shadow Planet Productions. This is exciting news for PC players who have been eagerly awaiting a port of one of the better XBLA titles released last year.

As a graphically impressive platformer where you take the role of a flying saucer trying to navigate a mysterious planet, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is an original and creative take on the classic “Metroid-style” gameplay that has been entertaining gamers for many years.

ITSP will be available through Steam and will support keyboard and mouse control, while also including the game’s Shadow Hunters DLC at no additional charge.

I am personally intrigued with this announcement and whether the PC-exclusive controls will benefit this game is a major way. I reviewed ITSP last summer and my biggest qualm was the control scheme and how it was difficult on an Xbox controller. Hopefully Shadow Planet Productions has improved this aspect for mouse and keyboard users.

Keep checking back with us, as we will continue to keep you updated on this entertaining title.

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