See The Inspiration For Yarny And Unravel In New Feature


When it was first announced at E3 in 2015, it was clear that Unravel was going to be an emotional and touching experience. Now, in a brand new feature about the origins of the game and its passionate little protagonist, it’s clearer than ever that the title is likely to frame a wonderful tale of love and connection.

The video is narrated by Unravel‘s creative director Martin Sahlin, as he talks about where and when he first came up with the idea for Yarny and his game. Sahlin speaks about the emotional charge that he wanted to run through the heart of Unravel, and explains the character of Yarny early in the video:

I had this thought; what if we could make a game about love? A game where the bonds we form with other people were actual real, physical bonds, like strands of yarn. And what if you could play as a character who was actually made from that stuff? […] Yarn became a symbol of love, of longing and connection. It’s the red thread that runs through our lives and ties everything together.

It’s wonderful to hear a creator talk so passionately about the ideas that form the basis of their game, and if even a fraction of the love that Sahlin feels for Yarny translates into his adventures into the final product, then Unravel is likely to be a remarkable journey.

Unravel will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC from February 9th.

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