An Interesting Game Of Thrones Developer Diary From Cyanide Studio

The gaming community doesn’t tend to welcome licensed games with open arms. After all, most happen to be rushed, failing to provide quality interactive adaptations of popular movies, television shows and literary works. That mindset is something which Cyanide Studio hopes to remove from Game of Thrones fans’ minds, with its latest developer diary.

Narrated by project director Thomas Veauclin and lead game designer Sylvain Sechi, it provides a behind-the-scenes look at the great amount of effort that went into creating the studio’s soon-to-be-released action-RPG, which is based on the popular fantasy novel.

Having spent some time with the game at a recent event, I’m happy to report that all of the team’s hard work seems to have paid off. It’s said that they wanted to create a game that would be true to the ever-popular A Song of Ice and Fire universe, and that sure looks to be the case. What’s especially nice to hear is how much author George R. R. Martin was involved with the game’s seven year-long development process.

Game of Thrones will be released this Tuesday, May 15.

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