Is 2011 The Year Of The PS3?

With 2010 slowly drawing to a close and the VGA winners all announced and appropriately applauded, gamers now look towards 2011 and what it holds for us all. But suddenly one thing strikes me almost straight away; Sony have a rather impressive list of exclusives set to storm the market all through 2011, and Nintendo and Microsoft comparatively are very thin on exclusive bragging rights.

While I look at Xbox and think that the uber-steroid-loving-maniac-shooter Gears of War 3 is set for next year, and maybe some sort of Halo remake..other than that I find myself baffled at how little Microsoft have to sing and dance about next year (from what we know). It seems that they’ve put all their considerable efforts into marketing Kinect and its collection of *cough* children’s games *cough*. Perhaps they are secretly lining up a shiny range of core-based Kinect titles, but are biding their time for optimal reveal periods? Who knows, but I have a calm love-hate for Microsoft because deep down I’m well aware I’m a Sony man, but despite this I want Xbox to produce good games as well, so there is always lively competition to keep things spicy through the gaming calendar.

From what I’ve seen, this is going to be a one sided battle sadly. The titles that are coming to both platforms are enticing enough (Portal 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, Batman: Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed: 3) but if we turn to consider the games that Sony’s powerhouse of a machine is offering it begins to look slightly comical.

Early next year PS3 owners can look forward to the following:

-Killzone 3

Set to be the biggest and best in the series so far, with the inclusion of 3D and Move technology. The gritty neo-modern war scene itching to jump in to this monster of a game.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

The follow up to the multi-award winning game and genre changer that is Uncharted 2. Many industry experts consider this to be the new standard for storytelling and third person action games.

-The Last Guardian

Something for those of you who want a more emotional and slightly bizarre gaming experience, befriend a giant furry animal and together navigate a perilous world of moody skies and hungry evil things. The dynamics of this game are hugely anticipated.

-LittleBigPlanet 2

The game that lets you create your own game…this sequel has been upgraded from the first game so much that the dev’s claim they were actually using the in game user mechanics to craft the game itself. If that made any sense. Basically this is going to give players unparalleled amounts of freedom and room for creativity. Two words: Big Seller.

-Motorstorm Apocalypse

Continuing the crazy offroad-dirt-stunt racing franchise but taking it into a crumbing city split into rival factions of badass drivers. Lush visuals and OTT vehicle acrobatics keep this game on our wishlist. Sorry Xbox, I’m going to run out of money before I get to look at you.

-DC Universe Online

Although technically coming out on PC as well, we’ll include it here simply because Marvel Universe Online is in the works for Xbox. Huge scale MMO addiction presented because it wants to eat your life up. Now you can live that fantasy of being a superhero with a bright yellow rubber whip..oh wait..that’s something else..

-Infamous 2

Despite having various personal identity issues, Cole is going to be charging about (get it?) an entirely new city with more abilities and beasties to use and abuse than ever before. Plus Naughty Dog are lending them some tech to make it sexy looking (like in previous games).

Resistance 3

Yeah the Chimera are still around, and they seem to have got a little better at fighting. The second game was widely acknowledged as being incredible, so the sequel should deliver the goods with any luck. After all….this is Insomniac.

-Heavy Rain Sequel

The classified game that is rumoured for a late 2011 release will sell like wildfire regardless of whether it makes you shave an old persons legs or build a bazooka out of chopsticks and bubblegum. Quantic Dream are up to something, we know that much. Oh and it “isn’t” called ‘Horizon’.

-Twisted Metal

Psycho clowns and flaming chainsaws never fail to draw a crowd…or disperse one. Long awaited polish to the age old franchise that has courted the cackling lunatic inside us for many years. Destructible environments + power sliding whilst sniping = win.

Now obviously that can look a very unfair if we bear in mind that a lot of games will in all likely hood be announced some time Q1-Q2 next year for Xbox, but at the moment it is looking a bit stale for Microsoft. I know they’ll pull something juicy out the bag soon, but I just wish they’d hurry up about it.

Either way, I think I’m going to need a second job…*clicks pre-order button on HMV again*