Is Gohan Beast coming to ‘Fortnite?’

Gohan Beast in 'Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero'
Image via Toei Animation

Epic Games’ Fortnite is known for its, well… epic collaborations, adding skins from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and anime. In 2022, Epic Games famously partnered up with Bird Studio/Shueisha to hype up the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The original collaboration saw the Kamehameha brought to the game, alongside the Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and Bulma skins.

The collaboration was everything fans wanted, even adding the Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) and the Power Pole (Nyoibo) as a glider and pickaxe respectively. Even the emotes were plentiful. To top it all off, there was an event that would allow players to earn a Shenron glider for free, and you could watch episodes of Dragon Ball Super in the game. 

They have since revealed a new Dragon Ball collaboration, featuring new skins of Gohan and Piccolo. But this has left one question on people’s minds, will Gohan Beast be coming to Fortnite? Let’s take a look at the current Dragon Ball-themed items and let you know if Gohan’s Beast form will be coming to the game.

Is Gohan Beast in Fortnite?

Gohan's Beast Axe in 'Fortnite'
Screenshot via Epic Games

Even though Gohan has his cape based on the stylings of Piccolo, which he wore again in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, he does not have the form that debuted in that film. Instead, he can boost his power level and so can Piccolo, although he does not turn into his bulked-up Orange form either. However, Gohan Beast does occur in the game, just not as a skin.

There are two free sprays you can get by completing weekly challenges, the Gohan Beast spray and the Orange Piccolo spray. If you buy the Gohan bundle, you will also get Gohan’s Beast Axe, which is an homage to the form, even though it has been completely made up for the game. So, unfortunately, Gohan’s shiny new form isn’t in the game, even though most fans were asking for it once another Super Hero collaboration was announced. But, does that mean we will never get a Gohan Beast skin?

Could we get a Gohan Beast skin in Fortnite?

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Gohan
Image via Toei Animation

While we have not received a skin yet, we could. Especially if the next Dragon Ball Super movie sees the return of Gohan Beast. It would make sense for another collaboration to take place in the future, as the first was insanely popular. It would not be the first time a different version of a character has been in the game, as we have seen multiple versions of both Spider-Man and Harley Quinn over the years.

Those examples are both more popular than Gohan, but they could just add it in as a new transformation later down the line, with an opportunity to buy the character again. Essentially, it is not confirmed that Gohan Beast will ever be in the game. But, it is too soon for fans to give their hopes up just yet. Hopefully, with the release of another Dragon Ball Super movie, we will get the best Dragon Ball/Fortnite collaboration so far.