Is Sleeping Dogs On Its Way To Xbox One And PlayStation 4?

sleeping-hd-1 copy
United Front Games’ open-world crime caper Sleeping Dogs could be headed to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, if UK retailer ShopTo is to be believed.

The listing, which was first spotted by GamrReview and has since been pulled down, pegged the critically-acclaimed title for a remastered release on November 21st, 2014 titled as “Sleeping Dogs HD”.

Though Square Enix — the publisher behind the game — have yet to comment on this rumour, bringing Sleeping Dogs to a new console generation seems like a no brainer. Much like the revamped Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, the company have the opportunity to thrust the title back into the public sphere to bide the time between now and the launch of its inevitable follow-up.

Initially released in 2012, Sleeping Dogs immediately became a cult hit thanks to impressive voice acting and its stylised sandbox world. It’s also understood that a sequel is currently brewing in development under the moniker Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars; though United Front Games has remained silent about the project since it was first announced in December of 2013.

Tell us, what do you think, is Square Enix prepping to invite players back to Hong Kong for Sleeping Dogs HD ahead of its sequel?

Source: GamrReview