It is our solemn duty to report that, no, there is still no update on ‘Silksong’ — and here’s how people are taking it

Image via Team Cherry

It’s time for our seasonal “No Silksong News” post. Nintendo held another Indie World Showcase earlier today and, despite no word from Hollow Knight developers Team Cherry ahead of the event, fans were hopeful that we’d hear something about the much-anticipated sequel, Hollow Knight: Silksong.

The optimism was not entirely uninspired. The last we heard from Team Cherry was last December. Since then? Silence. It’s odd given the state the game debuted in during a Nintendo Direct in 2019 and its follow-up feature at a Nintendo Treehouse that year. The state of development on the sequel is unknown at this time, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t on the way.

Still, the prolonged silence is uncharacteristic for Team Cherry. And fans have been contorting themselves to believe the game is still on the way and announcements are around the corner, twisting the developers’ silence into a nod. They want to believe that the next industry event will contain some news, whether it’s another Nintendo event or even The Game Awards.

Other Hollow Knight fans have turned on their Silksong hopefuls with memes, often featuring clown faces atop the original game’s bugs.

So, that’s the news. Yet again, there is no Silksong news.