Still No Silksong News After Nintendo Direct

Image via Team Cherry

Another Nintendo Direct has come and gone, and while we may look forward to the pink poyos and squid kids out there, it seems our hopes for a Silksong were for nothing — the radio silence stretches on. 

Team Cherry, developers of the hit metroidvania Hollow Knight, have been tight-lipped about their in development sequel, Silksong. It was an abrupt turnaround from the announcement of the game in 2019, which saw gameplay featured at Nintendo’s Treehouse where launch looked imminent.

But 2019 passed, and while we expected development on all games to be hindered by the onset of the pandemic, Team Cherry was not exactly forthcoming on development updates. There have been almost no announcements, except for a cover feature at Edge Magazine — another treatment usually reserved for forthcoming releases.

Look at her.

Given Team Cherry is an indie studio, we were hoping to hear something at last month’s IndieWorld. And given Hollow Knight’s popularity, today seemed like a reasonable setting to make any new announcements.

Of course, we want Team Cherry to spend the time they need to refine and polish Silksong. Hollow Knight is a famously huge game filled with seemingly endless challenges and areas to explore. That takes time, especially for an indie studio. And it’s normal to have a small, polished zone in an alpha build to show off early in development. Given how much movement has been overhauled alongside Hornet’s signature combat abilities, it makes sense Team Cherry has been busy.

We’d just like to know what’s up, ya know?