Jet Set Radio HD Only Has Half Of Original Soundtrack

Bad news, kids. Looks like the upcoming HD downloadable release for Jet Set Radio is going to be limited, musically. SEGA has unfortunately told us that only half of the original soundtrack will make the cut.

Here’s the final soundtrack listing:

Original songs by Hideki Naganuma

Grace and Glory
Humming the Bassline
Let Mom Sleep
Moody’s Shuffle
Rock It On
Sweet Soul Brother
That’s Enough

Licensed tracks

Toronto – Electric Tooth Brush
Magical Girl – Guitar Vader
Super Brothers – Guitar Vader
Bout the City – Reps
Funky Radio – B.B. Rights
Mischievous Boy – Castle Logical
Yellow Bream – F-Fields
Everybody Jump Around – Richard Jacques

Most of this looks like all the fan favorites, although I’m sort of sad due to the lack of Rob Zombie.

SEGA said the reason many of the tracks didn’t make it in is because, as expected, there are some licensing issues, and getting a few songs in the game cost way more money now than it did back when the Dreamcast was relevant.

Perhaps this will be a good excuse to allow the use of custom soundtracks? Hint hint SEGA.

What say you, gamers? Are any of your favorite tracks missing?

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