Join Star Fox As They Fly Into Your 3DS This September

One of Nintendo’s iconic franchises is set to make its mark on your three-dimensional hand-held device. That’s right – Star Fox 64 3D has been confirmed for release this September. The Nintendo 3DS title will feature gyro-sensor tilt control capabilities. Hopefully it’s not the only control scheme because tilting the device makes its 3D effect become blurry.

It was also revealed today that the game will make good use of the device’s front-facing camera, allowing it to take a picture of you for your in-game pilot badge picture. That means that you’ll be the one uttering random lines of garble at your allies and foes. You can’t just blame it on Slippy now.

And, best of all, there will be a co-op multiplayer mode that allows for up to 4 players to play together. Included in the multiplayer will be new power-ups and weapons.

The game will be available in Japan on July 14 and everywhere else in September.