[Update] Journey PlayStation 4 Port Confirmed By thatgamecompany


With Flower already announced for the PlayStation 4, many thatgamecompany fans have started to wonder if the developer’s 2012 masterpiece, Journey, would also see a next-gen re-release. The studio confirmed some good news on that front today, revealing that a port is currently in the works.

Responding to a Twitter follower asking about the possibility of Journey making its way to the PlayStation 4, thatgamecompany stated:


Not only is Journey one of my favorite titles of this console generation, but it also ranks very high up on my personal “best ever” list. It is very rare that I feel emotional while playing a video game, but this one had me sitting in stunned silence for about 15 minutes after my first playthrough.

While I doubt that a 1080p upgrade will do much to enhance what is already an amazing experience, I would be lying if I said that I could resist the temptation to own Journey on the PS4.

We will keep an eye out for Sony’s official announcement of the next-gen Journey port, and let you know all the details as soon as they come in.


thatgamecompany has posted another Tweet to say that they “misread” the original question and were talking about the PS4 version of Flower, not Journey. Officially, it appears that a PS4 port of Journey is not currently in the cards.