Kholat Will Bring Horrific Isolation To PS4 This March


It was fifty-seven years ago today that the famous and utterly disturbing Dyatlov Pass Incident occurred in snowy Russia. Since then, little headway has been made in determining exactly what happened to the nine experienced ski hikers who lost their lives on that remote mountain pass, though the event has inspired the creation of a video game that you may have heard of. Simply titled Kholat, it was debuted on PC last June, and is now headed to PlayStation 4 in March.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Dyatlov Pass Incident — like I was before I looked it up — it’s a terribly unsettling occurrence that still boggles the minds of those who look into it. As mentioned above, nine experienced skiers died under terrible circumstances after setting up camp for the night. Nothing is known pertaining to what caused their deaths, nor the condition of the camp when it was found. You see, it seemed as if the exploring party ripped their tents from the inside out, and some were found with terrible fractures, while one lady was found without her tongue.

One can only imagine what happened that night, and that’s something which Kholat borrows inspiration from. An award-winning horror game, it just so happens to be coming to PlayStation 4 on March 8th.

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