Kinect For Windows Is Coming

A year after its launch and after much speculation and hard work, an update on the Microsoft Blog has announced that Kinect should be available on Windows sometime in early 2012.

This newly-launched blog, along with a new Kinect For Windows website is aimed at not only informing people of the work Microsoft are doing to bring Kinect to Windows, but also to showcase what they believe could be the potential applications for the device at home and in business. Microsoft envisage everyone from surgeons to teachers being able to benefit from the interactivity that the sensor will bring. In fact, there are already 200 companies taking part in a pilot programme.

In an extract from an email to his team that Craig Eisler, General Manager of Kinect for Windows posted on the Blog, he says:

“It all started with a revolutionary sensor and amazing software that turned voice and movement into magic. With that magical combination, last year the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft showed the world how to re-imagine gaming.  This year, we’re showing the world how to re-imagine entertainment.  Next year, with Kinect for Windows, we will help the world re-imagine everything else.”

Also available for download now is a Beta 2 release of the Kinect for Windows SDK, which will allow all those with the know-how to start developing applications to help give the world of Kinect a new dimension.

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