New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Reveals Tangled Level And Battle Mechanics


There’s still plenty unknown about Kingdom Hearts III, but Square Enix has just dropped a new trailer containing a few enticing tidbits of information about the long-awaited sequel.

Series protagonist Sora looks to be sporting a new outfit and teaming up once again with Donald Duck and Goofy, with various new special moves, including the ability to line all three heroes up and perform a charge with Goofy’s shield. It was once again shown that Sora will be able to use attacks based on Disney rides, but besides a pirate ship shown in a previous trailer, he’ll also be able to summon the iconic rotating teacup ride from Disneyland.

Even more enticing is the first confirmed Disney-themed world, which will be based on the 2010 hit Tangled. Key characters like Rapunzel and Flynn Rider weren’t shown, but there’s no mistaking the tower that Rapunzel calls home. Some brief scenes at the beginning and end of the trailer also showed two new characters discussing the ongoing war between light and dark that has been to the plot of the whole Kingdom Hearts series, but who exactly they are remains unconfirmed.

We will continue to keep you updated on Kingdom Hearts III as more news drops. For now, check out the new trailer above and let us know what you think in the comments section.