Konami Unveils Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, MyClub To Include Microtransactions

pro-evolution-soccer-2015 (1)

Ahead of the franchise’s anticipated debut on current-gen systems, Konami has released a hoard of footy-related details for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.

While fans of the long-running series can expect the run of the mill improvements within this year’s iteration — namely better response times and reworked AI — one of the most significant additions to the game is MyClub. Essentially, this is revamped version of PES stalwart Master League, and is no doubt Konami’s response to EA’s lucrative and widely popular Ultimate Team game mode.

According to the Japanese publisher, MyClub will “allow players and managers to be added using accumulated GP or via micro-transactions within club dealings.” One facet that differentiates the two systems, however, is that, unlike in FIFA’s Ultimate Team, users will be able to buy in-game players directly. And while this may appear to encourage a buy-to-win mentality, Konami has allayed early fears by assuring fans that the system will be well balanced and fair.

Speaking with VideoGamer, Konami’s UK studio head addressed the issue:

“You can earn a few Game Points in training, exercises and other things, so you can progress through and build your team by just earning [GP] in the game. The idea is we’re trying to give players a choice of what they want to do. Some people will have more time, some people will have more money. You’ll have the choice.”

In terms of game’s technical enhancements, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is set to introduce a range of features that will look to bring the beautiful game to life like never before. Real-time lighting and player behavioural patterns are among the proverbial team sheet — made possible by the all-new FOX game engine, no less — with Konami also trumpeting the fact it has rendered over 1,000 footballers to boot.

Though the game is without a release date at this time, Konami confirmed that Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 will launch across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and “additional platforms” (last-gen consoles, perhaps?) in autumn/winter of 2014.