Lady Dimitrescu Dresses As Squid Game Guard In New Resident Evil Village Mod

A new mod crosses over Resident Evil Village with the Netflix mega-hit Squid Game, an intriguing combination perhaps for fans of past mods of the franchise, mods that featured Thomas the Tank Engine in RE2 and Shrek in RE3.

In this new horror imagining, which is relatively more homogenous genre-wise than the mixture of horror and kids properties of the previously mentioned mods, we are able to transform the appearance of antagonist Alcina Dimitrescu to appear as one of the omnipresent guards in Squid Game, complete with a circle symbol-decorated anonymizing helmet. The mod also alters Alcina’s dress so it more closely resembles the show.

Both Squid Game and Resident Evil can be considered to share the same genre: survival horror, although the Netflix show is more commonly dubbed “survival drama” and separately, “horror.”

You can check out what the mod looks like in the gallery below.

On that note, we’re also looking forward to the Resident Evil film franchise finally resembling the horror genre in the upcoming film Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, which releases later this month, on Nov. 24.

The origin story is meant as a total 180 from the previously helmed Paul W.S. Anderson films, which brought more schlocky action movie groans from audiences than genuine screams of terror.

In the latest trailer of the film, we saw the most impressive look yet at some of the monsters who came out to play, including a lovingly recreated Licker, the genuinely horrifying monstrosity Lisa Trevor, and insidious scientist William Birkin’s advanced, reptilian-like mutant form.

For those interested, you can try the mod out for yourself by heading here. What other ways would you like to see Resident Evil Village “improved” by mods? Leave it in the comments below.