Latest CoroCoro Scans Reveal Alolan Grimer For Pokemon Sun And Moon


Scans from the latest issue of Japanese gaming mag CoroCoro have started doing the rounds today and as usual, there’s a treasure trove’s worth of new details for next month’s Pokemon Sun and Moon nestled within its pages.

Just one image has made its way onto the internet so far (above), but boy is that one picture enough to drum-up even more hype. Continuing the trend of giving various members of the original 151 Pokemon a little TLC, the scan reveals Alolan Grimer: Sun and Moon‘s regional variant of the sludge monster that looks even more crazed than the original. As per Serebii, this incarnation of Grimer is a Poison/Dark-type, but besides that, not much else is known. One can only imagine how horrifying Alolan Muk’s appearance will be.

While no scans have surfaced yet to confirm the following, the same source has told Serebii that the coverage reveals both evolved forms for Dragon Pokemon Jangmo-o and that they have the dual Dragon/Fighting-type. What’s more, an evolution for the chimera-like Pokemon Type: Null is unveiled. Called Shiruvada (translation), this new form can supposedly change type depending on what item its given to hold.

As has been the case in the past, more scans will likely emerge tomorrow to confirm all of the above, so we’ll keep you in the loop as and when they come. In the meantime, you can watch the most recently released trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon below. Both games launch November 18 for 3DS.