Alolan Rattata And New Z-Moves Revealed For Pokemon Sun And Moon


As suspected, Nintendo revealed more new details for this year’s Pokemon Sun and Moon during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, this time devoting the entire running time to new versions of old favorites.

Joining the likes of Alolan Meowth, Ninetales and Sandslash is Rattata who, like his Generation 1 brethren, has been given a sleek new look to compliment his new abilities and type. Sporting a black coat, blue ears and a rather bizarre moustache, Alolan Rattata is Dark/Normal-type with the abilities Gluttony and Hustle. Sadly, we weren’t given a peek of Alolan Raticate, but Nintendo will no doubt share more details on the overgrown rodent in a future trailer.

The remainder of the footage focused entirely on new Z-Moves – powerful attacks that can only be used once per battle – and confirmation that some are specific to certain Pokemon.

Two such examples were shown. Stoked Sparksurfer, a move exclusive to Alolan Raichu, sees the electric mouse utilize its own tail as a surfboard before colliding with its opponent in a shower of sparks. The other, Pulverizing Pancake, is an attack that only lovable oaf Snorlax can perform, and represents one of the greatest things we’ve ever seen in a video game.

In order to access the latter you’ll need an item called Snorlium Z, which will come attached to a special Munchlax reserved for those that purchase Pokemon Sun and Moon before January 11, 2017.