Newest Pokemon Sun And Moon Trailer Showcases New Alola Forms And Team Skull


Following the emergence of more Pokemon Sun and Moon details earlier this week by way of Japanese gaming mag CoroCoro, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have released a new gameplay trailer. Besides including footage of all the newly-minted characters we detailed previously here, there’s some additional stuff for fans to pore over.

Chiefly, this generation’s version of the villainous Team Rocket – Team Skull – has been unveiled in all its glory, its members uniforms looking far more casual than what’s come before.

Additionally, yet another type of form change has been announced by way of WishiWashi, a fish-type creature that grows exponentially in size when its health drops below a certain point, becoming an amalgamation of an entire school of fish.

Furthermore, along with new Alola forms for Generation 1 classics Meowth and Marowak, Pikachu’s evolution – Raichu – has been given his own. This version of the oversized mouse has the new Electric/Psychic type, and rides its own tail like a surfboard.

Last but not least, the blob-like Pyukumuku forms the latest Pokedex entry for the Alola region, and it has the unique ability Innards Out, which does exactly what you’d expect – just in a far less graphic way.

Pokemon Sun and Moon launch for the Nintendo 3DS this November. Expect many, many more announcements from now up until launch.