Latest Crush 3D Trailer Tells The Story Of A Scientist’s Test Subject

Meet Danny; an average sort of fellow. He’s agreed to help a friendly scientist test out his brand new, dream-state device, in Crush 3D. Using the boy’s imagination as a catalyst, the high-tech device and its scholarly old schemer, have created a ton of unique puzzles for 3DS owners to work their way through.

The kicker is the inclusion of an added dimension, allowing each puzzle to be crushed (for lack of a better term.) This technique allows three-dimensional environments to become two-dimensional, leading to new puzzle-solving options.

All of this is detailed through colourful means, in SEGA‘s latest Crush 3D trailer:

After being delayed from its previously listed release date, we’re now expecting SEGA‘s anticipated 3DS puzzler to launch on February 21, 2012.