Latest Dishonored Trailer Shows Off Your Escape Choices

Dishonored is promising to be a game about choices, and if this latest trailer is any indication Arkane Studios has certainly made plenty available. After the player has infiltrated Boyle Mansion, the only thing left to do is make your stunning getaway.

This new video highlights three different possibilities on how you could accomplish this, but players will obviously have the choice of mixing it up suit their fancy.

The Long Jump focuses blinking across the map to cover an insane amount of ground in a short time, stopping only to help an enemy take a bit of weight off of his shoulders. Sleep Tight shows off the ability to bend time to cause a bit of confusion for an easy getaway as well as hints on how you’ll be able to hide bodies. Chain Possession is easily my favorite one here. Not simply because the idea of wearing your enemies like one of the aliens in Men in Black sounds awesome, but at the very end you find proof that you can possess a fish.

You heard it here first, folks. Fish possession = automatic 10/10 Game Of The Year.

Look for Dishonored when it hits store shelves October 9th.