Latest Fortnite Leak Reveals A Ton Of New Cosmetics


By now, Fortnite fans will have surely grown accustomed to the sweeping changes brought about by Season 9. Three weeks on from the cataclysmic events spurred by the eruption of Loot Lake’s volcano, new locations Neo Tilted and Mega Mall have risen from the ashes and given Battle Island a much-needed facelift. These new points of interest are crammed with new secrets to discover, of course, but besides that, they’re now regular staging grounds for the battle royale’s weekly challenges.

As always, hitting 100% Battle Pass completion every week is the most efficient way to go about earning XP and V-Bucks, the latter of which can be spent on snazzy new cosmetic and customization options. The in-game shop has already been restocked once since Season 9’s arrival, but what awaits on the horizon? Thanks to serial Fortnite data miner Lucas7yoshi’s efforts, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s to come.

See the gallery below, for all the leaks to have come out of today’s patch v9.10:

Whether Fortnite‘s fashion game, for you, is all about making your avatar look glamorous or stocking up on new glider and pickaxe designs matters not, Epic is accounting for all tastes in the weeks ahead, though in terms of availability, it’s not yet clear when all of the above will arrive. Do note, too, that some are already available, as is the case for items tied to the new Downtown Drop Limited-Time Mode.

Perhaps the most interesting leak of the bunch, however, is the Burst SMG. The regular introduction of new weapons into Fortnite helps to keep its metagame feeling fresh, and this compact machine gun will likely do just that. Expect further details on that new addition, along with the rest, in future updates.