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Latest Gaming News: ‘The Peripheral’ star addresses disrespect towards female gamers while a talented streamer plays video games with instruments

From 'FIFA' friends attending a wedding to a 'Kick-Ass' star voicing her opinion on a biased industry, we have it all.

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Happy Monday, all! It’s that time again. Welcome back for another gaming round-up. Last week, we touched on the Resident Evil 4 remake and how it left long-time fans of the franchise foaming at the mouth in awe of the upgraded graphics and character cameos. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. Montréal’s Gotham Knights is no match for the infamous Batman Arkham series and technology conglomerate Philips announced its very own gaming brand, Evnia.

This time around, we’re deviating from the dark and grisly underbelly of video games (i.e. Resident Evil and Batman) and venturing to sunnier shores with FIFA, a bizarre musical talent and the unofficial up-and-coming spokesperson for female gamers, Kick-Ass star Chloë Grace Moretz. All that and more awaits, so pause those games, save those files and discard those snacks. We’re going in.

Gamers meet online ‘FIFA’ friends for the first time at his wedding

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Imagine meeting your online gamer pals for the first time at your own wedding? Well, as BBC News reports, that’s exactly what Ryan George, a 29-year-old from Cardiff did. Having only spoken to his four teammates — Gerard, Scott, Kesean, and Matt — while playing FIFA, the UK inhabitants decided to meet to celebrate with Ryan as he tied the knot. Sadly, Gerald, who lives in Belfast, could not attend the wedding as his wife had just given birth. However, Kesean, who lives in London, and Scott and Matt, who live in Cambridgeshire, were honored to be invited. The four musketeers met in “Pro Club,” which is essentially a collaborative club that challenges other competitive teams online. Read the full story here.

A streamer known as DeanoBeano plays video games like Call of Duty with musical instruments

Streamer DeanoBeano
Image via Twitch/DeanoBeano

Twitch streamer DeanoBeano has made waves in the gaming community after doing the unthinkable: hooking up a recorder to act as a controller/keyboard when playing Call of Duty, Minecraft, and more. Sometime before the Modern Warfare 2 beta, a clip featuring DeanoBeano‘s masterful musicianship made the rounds on social media, particularly Twitter. Using his fingers to control the up, down, left and right movements of the camera/scope, DeanoBeano manages to execute a perfectly timed snipe shot in Call of Duty: Warzone. Courtesy of NME, DeanoBeano shared that “[His] recorder snipe on Warzone brought so many new people to [his] channel.” For all the details on exactly how DeanoBeano hooks up musical instruments to his PC, which sounds rather convoluted for the uninitiated in the coding world, read the full details here.

Chloë Grace Moretz speaks out about the disrespect that female gamers face

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In Amazon Prime Video’s The Peripheral, superstar Chloë Grace Moretz portrays Flynne Fisher, a gamer living in a technologically advanced future who discovers a connection to an alternate reality. As a self-proclaimed gamer who even shared interest in becoming a bunny girl for a future project, Moretz has a real passion for the digital age. Sadly, Moretz — like her character Flynne — is living in a world where female gamers aren’t so readily accepted and admired as their male counterparts. In The Peripheral, Flynne uses her brother’s avatar to earn the attention and admiration of wealthy clients who dominate the industry. Speaking to Sky News, Moretz said, “They don’t really respect female gamers, you know what I mean? Even if you look at the Twitch numbers, some of the highest numbers are still predominantly the guys and you have girls that are just as good, if not better than a lot of guys sometimes.” Moretz also reveals that she goes camping sometimes to unplug from technology. Read the full story here.

That’s all folks! Be sure to check in next week for even more gaming news.

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