More Mass Effect 3 Details From Game Informer

Mass Effect 3 has been the focus of much attention here lately and unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you already know most of the details available. Today though, new information has come out courtesy of the magazine Game Informer, who have graced their May cover with Mass Effect 3. We already brought you some news from the cover story the other day but now we have more to share.

It has already been confirmed that Earth will fall under attack during the opening scenes, but what has not, up until now, been released is that this highly unwinnable situation, is actually quite winnable under certain circumstances.

The developers have refused to comment on how the Reapers can be beaten, not wanting to ruin the experience for the players. But they have let slip that a few plot points will reveal themselves to players as they determine the newly embattled Earth’s true situations.

VG247 tells us that:

Key plot elements will reveal why the Reapers can be beaten, but developers don’t want to talk about that until the game is out. They also don’t want the Reapers’ Achilles heel to be obvious from the start. Apparently there are going to be a bunch of red herrings, and the game will start with you facing an apparently hopeless situation before slowly working out what needs to be done.

It has also been confirmed that many of the player’s choices in Mass Effect 1&2 will play heavy roles on how other species view Shepard and his crew. Mass Effect 3 will also allow players to pick up enemy weapons, although it is unclear if this will be in a traditional FPS manner or if a new system is being implemented.

There will also be a much larger emphasis on how the player develops their Shepard character. With a larger skill tree and a more deeply integrated RPG like dialog system, there will be a more varied loyalty system in play allowing players to gain loyalty not only during missions, but also through other methods that are yet to be announced options.

Set to release this holiday season, Mass Effect 3 already has fans clamoring for as much information as can be obtained. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and give the Reapers a run for their money.

What about you? Excited for the next chapter in the series?