Latest Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Highlights The Importance Of Golden Worlds


It’s becoming ever more apparent with the arrival of each subsequent trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda that the scope of BioWare’s ambitions for the sci-fi RPG are nearly limitless. It won’t be until launch day that fans can finally devote considerable time to dissecting the various parts that make up Andromeda‘s hopefully excellent whole, but until then, we’ll have to make-do with the deluge of trailers that seem to be arriving on a near-daily basis.

The latest – a part of the Andromeda Initiative series – deals with highlighting the importance of seeking out Golden Worlds, rare, habitable planets that can support human life. Among one of your main aims as Pathfinder in Andromeda will be to seek these special celestial bodies out in order to colonize the Milky Way galaxy’s neighbour, although each one will vary wildly from the last. Lush, forested landscapes, along with arid deserts, are just some of the vistas shown during the footage, which is accompanied by an explanation of the Golden World criteria by Suvi, a tech officer aboard the Tempest. You can check out the snippet of footage above for a more in-depth rundown of what you should be looking out for among the stars.

In related news, it emerged earlier today that the upcoming EA/Origin Access trial for Andromeda will have restrictions in place for the campaign, meaning players won’t be able to progress beyond a certain point, regardless of how much time is left in the 10-hour trial. Multiplayer will, however, be unaffected by the limitation, so if you reach the roadblock with time to spare, you can spend it here.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out March 21 in North America on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you missed last week’s combat or exploration videos, see here.