Latest PSN Fiasco News

I know a lot of you have heard just about enough, and some are still on the edge of their seats wondering what happens next, so here it is, the latest of the PSN situation. Sony is offering a free identity theft protection service for twelve months. The service known as AllClear ID Plus, is run through one of the nation’s top id protection firms Debix, Inc. The offer is limited, as Sony will begin sending out activation codes that must be used by June 18th. Keep in mind this service is only available in the US, other countries are working on similar program as well. Sony has released a detailed description on just what it is “AllClear ID Plus” does, which I’ll list below:

  • Cyber monitoring and surveillance of the Internet to detect exposure of an AllClear ID Plus customer’s personal information, including monitoring of criminal web sites and data recovered by law enforcement. If his/her personal information is found, the customer will be alerted by phone and/or email and will be provided advice and support regarding protective steps to take. The customer will also receive monthly identity status reports. Debix works with an alliance of cyber-crime experts from the government, academia and industry to provide these services.
  • Priority access to licensed private investigators and identity restoration specialists. If an AllClear ID Plus customer receives an alert, or otherwise suspects that he/she may be the victim of identity theft, the customer can speak directly, on a priority basis, with an on-staff licensed private investigator, who will conduct a comprehensive inquiry. In the case of an identity theft, the customer can work with an identity restoration specialist to contact creditors and others, and take necessary steps to restore the customer’s identity.
  • A $1 million identity theft insurance policy per user to provide additional protection in the event that an AllClear ID Plus customer becomes a victim of identity theft. This insurance would provide financial relief of up to $1 million for covered identity restoration costs, legal defense expenses, and lost wages that occur within 12 months after the stolen identity event.

The next bit of news is more of an overblown rumor than anything else, there have been reports that hackers are planning an additional attack on Sony in response to the way the first breach was handled. Apparently a random group of hackers were having a conversation in an IRC channel that someone just happened to overhear(excuse my sarcasm). In the statement Sony released to the house of representatives, they stated they found hints that “Anonymous” the self appointed group of “hacktivists” may have had some involvement with the first attack which they denied several times.

Several class action lawsuits are being filed against Sony at the moment by disgruntled PSN users, who fear their personal information may have been compromised. This is of course, happening in several different countries at the same time. If all rulings are favored against Sony, they stand to lose billions. In my opinion, first it was hackers, now it’s vultures. It seems rather harsh to go to the victim of a vicious attack, and then take all their money while their still trying to pick up all the pieces.

That’s currently all the news that has been release in that last few days regarding the PSN fiasco, we’ll keep you updated as more information surfaces.