Latest Trailer For Hyrule Warriors Brings Princess Zelda To The Fore

In the build-up to release, Koei Tecmo has been gradually releasing spot trailers that introduces the burgeoning roster of its idiosyncratic hack-’n’-slash title, Hyrule Warriors. And today, the studio has unveiled new footage that showcases Princess Zelda in action.

The video, which you can check you above, hints at the dynamic move-set for the undisputed Queen of Hyrule, which will, interestingly, include the use of Wind Waker — a key tenet in The Legend of Zelda’s reputable lore. In battle, players will be able to summon enemies and even utilise melodies such as the Song of Storms to blow targets of their feet.

Developed in tandem with Ninja Theory and Omega Force, the Wii U exclusive will assimilate gameplay elements associated with long-running franchises such as Dynasty Warriors and Ninja Gaiden — themselves pillars of this most hyper-kinetic genre.

Of course, whether this fast-paced framework can be moulded around the world of Hyrule remains to be seen; after all, Zelda titles of old aren’t exactly known for placing such an emphasis on combat. Nevertheless, Hyrule Warriors represents a significant departure from Nintendo’s established (and, arguably, tiring) formula of exploration and puzzle solving and should, therefore, be one to keep an eye on for ardent Wii U owners.

Hyrule Warriors is poised to launch first in Japan on August 14th, with North American and European Wii U owners forced to wait until September 26th until Link, Zelda, Midna and co. come west.