Leaked Marketing Reveals Due Date And Pricing For Destiny’s The Taken King Expansion


While Bungie is still sitting on its hands on the eve of E3, Kotaku brings word that Destiny‘s latest expansion is indeed titled The Taken King and will release across all platforms on September 15.

Though it is by no means confirmed, the report closely aligns with what we already know about the shooter’s third post-launch content pack, which is big enough to warrant a physical release in a few months’ time. Priced at $40, the add-on will herald the usual bevy of in-game content such as new Strike missions, PvP arenas and weaponry, but these leaked marketing materials reveal much more than the standard fare.


For one, The Taken King will allegedly introduce a new subclass for Destiny‘s three classes – Warlock, Hunter and Titan – adding an elemental super that has been missing from each respective category hitherto. Not only does this tidbit lead us to believe that this lead is genuine, but a third elemental variant has been one of the most-requested features that the shooter currently lacks. Here’s those new supers in question:

Hunter: gravity bow super (Void)
Warlock: electrical storm super (Arc)
Titan: flaming hammer (Solar)

Beyond that, Bungie’s colossal expansion will pick up the story strands from last year’s The Dark Below by ushering in a menacing foe known as Oryx, father to Crota who will have met his maker if you’ve completed the December DLC. Oryx will oversee an all-new wave of enemies known as the Taken – hence the title of September’s expansion – and the big bad will act as the nemesis of The Taken King‘s Raid mission.

We can readily expect both Bungie and Destiny to have a big presence at E3 next week; until then, take this leaked info with a Spinmetal-sized grain of salt.

Source: Kotaku