Life Is Strange: True Colors Gets An Extended Gameplay Trailer


Life Is Strange fans finally got a taste of what to expect in the long-awaited new game. Deck Nine Games, the game’s developer, has released a 13-minute video showing a brief sample of Life is Strange: True Colors’ gameplay and mechanics. 

Life is Strange: True Colors is the latest game in the Life is Strange franchise. The series released its first game in 2015, and the episodic adventure game series quickly gained a large and dedicated fanbase thanks to its innovative gameplay, memorable characters, and gripping plot. Life is Strange: True Colors is the third major game in the series and the fifth game overall.

According to promotional material, the game will follow Alex Chen. Alex is an Asian-American woman with a troubled childhood. Alex has a power that allows her to see and influence the emotions of those around her, something she sees as colored auras surrounding a person. However, this has a downside, as Alex can end up feeling other people’s emotions, even if she doesn’t want to. When Alex reunites with her brother, everything seems to be improving. However, when the brother is killed in a mysterious accident, Alex must uncover the truth.

The gameplay video shows Alex moving around a record store in the fictional community of Haven Springs. In this highly detailed setting, Alex gets to interact with several objects and characters, including a character called Steph, who fans will know from Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. Steph gives fans an early hint at how Alex’s emotion reading power will affect both the story and the gameplay, as Steph’s angry red aura seems to put Alex on edge for a few moments.

Life is Strange: True Colors will release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 10th. A story expansion called Wavelengths will then release on September 30th. The developers have confirmed that there will be a Nintendo Switch port. However, it doesn’t have a confirmed release date, though the developers say it should release later in the year.