Lifeless Planet Premiere Edition Makes Contact With PlayStation 4 On July 19


Lifeless Planet developer Stage 2 Studios has confirmed via Sony’s PlayStation Blog that their eerie sci-fi exploration title will be available for PlayStation 4 owners beginning July 19, bringing with it a range of graphical and technical improvements.

Having already been made available on PC and Xbox One earlier in the year, Stage 2 member David Board says that players of the PS4 version can look forward to an updated character model for the astronaut (comparison below), as well as “advanced physically based shaders and dramatically improved lightning” made possible by an updated game engine.


The only questions that remains now then is: can the improvements and upgrades made to Lifeless Planet improve the core gameplay experience. While being commended for its intriguing world and interesting premise, our own Eric Hall felt that the positives couldn’t “quite make up for the shoddy gameplay and frustrating glitches that accompanied it,” in his review of the original.

We’ll leave it to Board’s own description of Lifeless Planet to help you make your mind up in regards to whether the Cold War-inspired story is for you.

After a hard landing, an astronaut discovers that this planet, which was reported to be rich with life, is instead a barren wasteland. When he goes searching for his crew, he makes a more startling discovery: evidence that humans have already been to this planet years ago! When he comes upon a deserted Soviet-era Russian town, he struggles to make sense of his mission. Did his light-speed travel to the planet send him back in time? Or is this all some strange Cold War hoax?