Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Won’t Scare Gamers Until The First Half Of 2013

Nintendo came to its green plumber’s aid today by announcing that his next starring vehicle, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, has been delayed through to “the first half of 2013”. That’s good news for Mr. Mario, because it means that he’ll have more time to get ready for what could be the scare of his life. After all, it’s well-known that he doesn’t handle encounters with the paranormal well.

As of right now, we only know that the upcoming 3DS exclusive is delayed in “The Americas”, meaning that it won’t be a holiday release here as originally planned. Information regarding other regions was not made available via the company’s release, but it’s likely that the game has been delayed entirely.

While you wait, check out our hands-on preview of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

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