Machinarium May Be Making Its Way Onto The PS Vita

Machinarium is a perfect demonstration of the mastery Amanita Design have over the point-and-click genre. Since its release for the PC and Mac in 2009, the game’s illustrious beauty has spread onto a variety of platforms. However, the portable powerhouse that is the PS Vita isn’t one of them, at least not yet.

A recent update to the game’s ESRB rating has made the notable addition of the PS Vita to the list of available platforms. Nothing but Amanita Design‘s desire to bring it to the handheld has been confirmed so far, but it seems like a rather likely venture given Machinarium‘s confirmed PS3 release this summer.

Machinarium is one of my favourite games, and I’d be surprised if many of you reading this wouldn’t say the same. The PS Vita may be capable of rendering some incredibly demanding graphics, but for me games like this are just as important an addition to the platform.

Source: Joystiq