Magic: The Gathering Commander Legends Release Date And New Cards Revealed

Magic: the Gathering

If you thought Wizards of the Coast was finally ready to begin winding down operations as the final quarter of 2020 rolls around, you couldn’t be more wrong. So far this year, Magic: The Gathering fans have already witnessed the arrival of a record number of card expansions, but while up until now the lion’s share of releases has been focused on Standard, one major product still to come focuses entirely on one of the collectable card game’s most popular formats, Commander.

For those not aware of how it works, Commander tasks players with compiling – either pre-constructed or via drafts – 100-card decks consisting of zero duplicates. The unique requirement leads to a wildly different strategy and meta to that of Standard or other formats and often allows cards that would otherwise go unused or ignored to find a place in so-called singleton decks.

Naturally, Commander’s continued success has led to Wizards supporting it with dedicated releases over the years and its biggest yet, Commander Legends, is due out later in 2020. As always, you can expect the usual period of card spoilers in the run-up to launch in November and some have already been showcased, which you can see below.

As has since become the norm following last year’s Throne of Eldraine, multiple different versions of Legends will be available from day one, including 20-card boosters intended for drafting as well as 15-card collector packs filled with special extended art cards and foils. Wizards says Legends will feature four non-evergreen mechanics, three returning from previous releases (such as Partners) and one new, though declines to specify what the latter will entail.

Magic: The Gathering – Commander Legends is out November 4th for tabletop. Stay tuned for more details.