Every Magic: The Gathering Core 2021 Card Teaser Revealed

Magic the Gathering

The arrival of a brand new set may be the most exciting event in Magic: The Gathering, but a close second is undoubtedly playing along to the various card teasers and reveals that always precede each new release. Core 2021 especially, which is due to launch later this month, has been the subject of huge speculation thanks to a number of clues shared prior to spoiler season by lead Magic designer, Mark Rosewater.

All in all, ten of these cryptic hints were posted by Rosewater over on his personal blog and the entire set appear to have now been solved. But we don’t want to spoil all of the fun. You can view each individual card via the gallery below and once you’re done browsing, be sure to take a stab at matching the lot with their associated description provided after the break.

• A brand new planeswalker (from a plane we’ve visited).
• A card that lets you draw half of your library.
• A +1/+1 tribal lord for a creature type that’s never had one. (A creature type with over fifty cards already in print).
• A character with a Vanguard card and a legendary creature card gets a second of the latter.
• A card with thirty-one different options.
• A card that gains all activated abilities of a certain subset of cards in a place it’s never done it before.
• A card that uses a nonevergreen named ability over twenty years old.
• A card with the words “battlefield”, “cast”, “creature”, “converted mana cost”, “end of turn”, “exile”, “graveyard” and “mana cost”.
• An aura inspired from a cycle from Urza’s Saga block.
• A nonevergreen enchantment subtype returns.

Core 2021 is out later this month, June 25th, for the collectable card game’s Online and Arena digital counterparts, with tabletop arriving a week later on July 3rd. Depending on which format you primarily play, you can find further details about planned pre-release events as well as Mastery Pass rewards and prices by clicking the respective links.

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