Magic: The Gathering Reveals Stranger Things Secret Lair Crossover

Stranger Things

One of Magic: The Gathering‘s upcoming Secret Lair drops could potentially be its most lucrative yet.

Stranger Things, Netflix’s hit sci-fi show heavily inspired by 80s pop culture and the works of Steven Spielberg, is currently putting together its fourth season, though fans are still patiently waiting to learn when it’ll be released on the streaming platform. To help pass the time until Eleven and friends return, Wizards of the Coast is in the process of transforming the series’ cast into cards. And while details pertaining to scope are few and far between, one can safely expect the collection to be similar in size to last year’s crossover with AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The first official product of its kind following the experimental inclusion of Godzilla in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, Rick, Glenn, Negan, Michonne and Daryl’s addition to the long-running tabletop game wasn’t exactly welcomed with open arms at the time due to concerns over unique (and playable) cards being introduced in such a limited manner. As such, let’s hope this effort goes down better.

Secret Lair, for the uninitiated, is the brand name given to limited-run Magic bundles which traditionally contain alternate art versions of existing creatures and/or sorceries and are sold at a premium. An offshoot of this, dubbed Universes Beyond, deals exclusively in collaborative works and the category into which TWD has been grandfathered. Likely in response to the aforementioned controversy, Wizards has since revised its guidelines to ensure the gameplay benefits of said promotional cards aren’t forever outside the reach of customers unavailable during tight pre-order windows.

As for Magic: The Gathering X Stranger Things, collectors can expect to learn more in the near future, but until then, check out some great-looking art of Eleven – likely to be present on her own respective creature spell – in the gallery above.