New Apex Legends Glitch Causes Octane To Jump Through Walls


Apex Legends players who consider adrenaline junkie Octane to be their main might want to start looking for a backup.

The character, first introduced way back in Season 1, has remained a top pick for many professional players due to his speed and a similarly themed toolkit that’s repeatedly seen him hover around the top spots of several tier lists. Recently, though, some fans have been reporting what’s obviously unintended behaviour affecting Octane’s efficiency on the battlefield. Frequent players of Respawn’s battle royale will know, all too well, how damaging bugs and glitches can be but thankfully, this particular peculiarity isn’t in danger of breaking the game; just Octane.

While the circumstances surrounding Octane’s new, let’s say, ‘ability’ aren’t immediately clear, it appears as if the user triggered the unintended behavior to occur when they attempted to use Octane’s Jump Pad ultimate ability inside a building. Instead of being forced to obey the laws of collision detection, Octane finds himself glitching through the building’s ceiling several times before managing to escape.

Somewhat amusingly, however, the bizarre bug continues to plague Reddit user Cantstopmhe as they approach World’s Edge’s cargo train – seemingly phasing through its armor-plated sides with ease while the first-person camera appears to lose all semblance of control. Doing their best to continue playing despite the obvious handicap, Cantstopmhe is ultimately gunned down while attempting to heal, so sadly, we’ll never know if the hiccup would have resolved itself.

Regardless of the cause, Respawn will undoubtedly want to iron out this and any other anomalies hiding in Apex Legends‘ files before January rolls around. That’s because starting next month, the developer will hold the first of several Pro League competitions and it certainly won’t want oddities such as this affecting play.

Source: Reddit