New No Man’s Sky Footage Shown


A representative from indie developer Hello Games took to Sony’s E3 stage tonight to play a brief demo of their ambitious space exploration title No Man’s Sky, and as with earlier previews, the game looks like a tantalizing and robust experience.

Things started out with the player flying their spaceship into an intergalactic battle between two warring factions, and the developer pointed out that players will be able to pick sides and help out in battle.

A map system was then displayed, showcasing the huge amount of solar systems that can be explored. After a random planet was chosen, the ship warped to its location and descended through the atmosphere. Enemy drones known as Sentinels were quick to go on the offensive when the ability to destroy planet terrain was showcased, causing the player to flee into a body of water, also leading to the ability to scan animals being displayed. A beacon on the planet’s surface was then activated, which will apparently cause spots of interest to appear on the map for that individual planet.

No Man’s Sky is currently scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 some time this year, with a PC release to follow at some point. Take a look at the demo, and some screenshots above, and let us know what you think.