Marvel Vs. Capcom 4 And Street Fighter 6 Reportedly In Development

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

While Capcom has been riding high on a wave of success as of late thanks to releases such as Monster Hunter: World and numerous Resident Evil titles, the developer has struggled to find its footing in recent years with its various fighting game IP. The latest iterations of Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom have both been subject to criticism for numerous reasons, for instance, chiefly for being rushed to release when they clearly weren’t ready.

While the former has somewhat recovered its reputation following a bungled launch, MvC: Infinite has continued to fade into obscurity, failing in turn to establish as large of an audience as its predecessors. Those unfortunate circumstances have left the series’ future uncertain over the last three years, with many fans concerned that Marvel will be severing ties with the developer following Infinite‘s poor commercial performance, but it now appears that couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to comments provided by professional fighting game player FChamp in a recent Twitch stream, “Marvel 4 was supposed to be in production already around 2018,” with Capcom having supposedly been “in contact with Marvel to receive the list of character that they could actually work on,” around the same time. FChamp goes on to say that had Marvel opted not to pursue a sequel – and therefore refuse to license any characters – the studio would have repurposed any existing assets into a Capcom All-Stars fighting game instead.

True or not, FChamp does warn viewers that all of the above information came from unnamed contacts within the company around late 2018 to early 2019, meaning plans could (and likely would have) changed dramatically since. Ultimately, then, we’ll just have to wait and see what transpires, though in the meantime, why not let us know what your dream roster for a next-gen Marvel vs. Capcom sequel would consist of in the usual place below?