Marvel Fans Going Crazy Over New Fortnite Deadpool Skin


In case you somehow hadn’t already heard, Fortnite fans have received a rather special treat today in the form of the battle royale’s first major update of 2020.

After a longer-than-expected wait for the usual shift between seasons to occur, Season 2: Top Secret has finally rolled out across all platforms, with a new launch trailer (above) released to celebrate. Generous helpings of new content are par for the course with these sorts of bumper additions, of course, and this time is no different. A wealth of new weapons and gadgets, as well as impactful changes to Apollo Island in the form of hideouts, will no doubt usher in the breath of fresh air that players have been pining for, but the hype for all of the above combined pales in comparison to a certain new cosmetic skin that’s just been revealed.

None other than Marvel’s wise-cracking Deadpool has officially joined the cast of Fortnite and, what’s more, you’ll be able to dress up as the foul-mouthed hero yourself very soon. While access to the outfit currently appears to be time-gated, fans are already sharing their thoughts on the crossover on social media and, as expected, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, to say the least.

Check out some early reactions below:

As for when (and how) Epic plans to make Fortnite‘s Deadpool skin available to the masses, the developer has yet to provide specifics, though we know, at the very least, that its availability is tied to Season 2’s Battle Pass and will require completion of several special objectives.

We’ll update you with all the necessary details as and when they surface, but in the meantime, head over here for a summary of how Top Secret‘s new hideout and loyalty systems work. See you in the field, agent.