New Marvel’s Avengers Bug Is Revealing Sensitive Player Information

Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers players looking forward to checking out a batch of free DLC added to the live service title yesterday were met with an unexpected (and unwanted) surprise upon logging in.

As promised, the patch delivered a brand-new Villain Sector in the form of Beating the Odds. This mission tasks Earth’s heroes with dismantling Monica Rappaccini’s (AKA the Scientist Supreme) secret reality-warping weapon before she’s able to activate it and retrieve the potent Cosmic Cube intended to power it. The aftermath of these events will trigger the commencement of a limited-time affair, Cosmic Threat, which sees existing Threat Sectors altered by the influx of Cosmic energy.

A sizable amount of content to sink your teeth into, then, but if you were intending to stream your play sessions to friends or anonymous viewers, it could be worth adjusting or delaying those plans indefinitely.

As reported on social media by a number of content creators, a particularly egregious bug has been introduced alongside this update, with potentially severe side effects for anyone screen sharing.

For reasons yet to be explained, instances of a player’s IP address and username being displayed on-screen uncensored have been documented, prompting the developer to issue a recommendation to “refrain from streaming or posting screenshots online” until the situation is resolved. Strangely, the unintended behavior only appears to affect PlayStation 5 versions of the game, though we’d recommend holding off on taking any risks until Crystal Dynamics confirms that a fix – currently scheduled to go live within the next few hours – has been deployed. Stay tuned for further news on that front.

In lighter news, Marvel’s Avengers‘ next playable character, Black Panther, is still on course to arrive this August, with Spider-Man to follow at a later date.