Marvel’s Avengers Prequel Comic Reveals First Look At Loki

Loki MCU

Despite being little more than a week into the New Year, 2020 is already looking stacked with must-have video games.

Marvel’s Avengers is just one of several highly-anticipated triple-A titles that’ll be vying for your attention this spring, and while release day is still several months out, the comic book giant is wasting no time in doing what it does best in the interim – world-building. While Crystal Dynamics’ adventure will have its own story involving Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to tell, Marvel wants to ensure that fans jumping into the action later this year know of the events leading up to the ill-fated A-Day depicted in trailers.

To do that, the company is releasing a series of prequel comic books for each of the Avengers, the latest of which is all about Thor and his mischievous half-brother, Loki. You can check out the character’s design via an excerpt from the issue below.

Unsurprisingly, this interpretation maintains the iconic horned helmet traditionally worn by Loki, with the trickster god also adopting a familiar green/gold color scheme that MCU fans will immediately recognize. As it did with S.H.I.E.L.D. boss Nick Fury in an earlier issue, it appears Marvel’s direction for these latest interpretations is to splice elements of the comics and films together to form wholly unique designs, with this iteration of Loki certainly fitting that description.

It’s worth noting, however, that as a prequel, it remains to be seen whether Thor’s sibling will actually appear in Crystal Dynamics’ game. The developer has yet to confirm as such, of course, though we can’t imagine Marvel would specifically show the character were he not intended to play a future role.

In any case, we expect more teasers (and hopefully a new trailer or two) for Marvel’s Avengers to arrive ahead of its May 15th release date, so stay tuned.