Avengers Video Game May Star Ms. Marvel, Will Be Inspired By Kingdom Hearts

Avengers Endgame

Not willing to sit by and let Death Stranding (and the newly-unveiled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) steal all the limelight, the creative minds at Square Enix have begun teasing Marvel’s Avengers, a co-op title with a difference.

It’ll no doubt be unveiled in all its glory next month, when the industry’s biggest names will descend on Los Angeles for the annual E3 expo, but that has in no way curbed the tide of speculation. Case in point: this new tidbit from Reset Era, which claims that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will be disbanded by the time Marvel’s Avengers kicks off, and it’s left to Kamala Khan to (re)assemble the troops.

Take this with a pinch of salt for the time being, as neither Square Enix nor Marvel Games have detailed anything official – unless you’re counting that tantalizing claim that Marvel’s Avengers will serve up a “defining” co-op experience.

The alleged leak goes on to suggest that there will be a heavy focus on narrative throughout, and that the core plot will draw more from the comics rather than the established Marvel Cinematic Universe. And one last thing: the campaign will seemingly support up to four players via co-op, but can be played solo, which ought to please those lone wolves out there.

Additional tidbits from this as-yet-unconfirmed leaks can be found below:

-Crashed Helicarrier will serve as your main hub.
-Kingdom Hearts-like world/level design. Think multiple large worlds/levels vs 1 huge open world map. The levels are large enough to accommodate flight based characters.
-There’s definitely no “loot” like you’d find in your typical looter shooter (common – legendary drops). Everything is mostly powers based, hence the character skill trees. For example, you won’t be finding Iron Man thrusters of different rarities throughout the map.
-Unless it’s changed, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man and Hulk will make up the team build early on in the game (story reason).

Assuming these details are correct, the decision to build a Kingdom Hearts-esque world for Marvel’s Avengers is particularly interesting, and will presumably ramp up the opportunities to dive straight back in and explore this rich world once the core campaign is complete. Besides, building a squad of Avengers with your online pals practically sells itself…