New Marvel’s Avengers Trailer Reveals Gear And Customization Features


Marvel’s Avengers fans eager to learn more of the action-adventure title’s gameplay systems are in for a treat today, thanks to the release of a fresh new trailer.

Over the last several weeks, developer Crystal Dynamics has been gradually providing details on how character gear, upgrades and player progression will work in its superpowered world, but only now, do we have access to a proper demonstration. Equipment interfaces, skill trees and cosmetic skins are all addressed and neatly explained with accompanying gameplay in the trailer which, without further ado, you can watch above.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, given the obvious similarity in descriptions provided by the studio previously, Marvel’s Avengers‘ various RPG elements immediately draw comparisons with Bungie’s looter shooter Destiny series. Each individual piece of gear (helmet, chest piece, gauntlets, etc.) is color-coded by rarity and has its own gear score which, when added to a hero’s total, denotes their overall power.

Some of these, as shown by way of a ‘Brazen Reactor Coil’ for Iron Man, will have in-built perks that either unlock additional abilities or promote a certain playstyle. In this instance, Mr Stark’s shiny new trinket, when equipped, has a chance to create an area-of-affect explosion that stuns enemies whenever he takes damage.

Continuing on, the showcase also provides a breakdown of how single and multiplayer missions work, largely reiterating what we’ve already learned from past interviews. One interesting aside, however, confirms that the Avengers’ new home base will evolve and change during the course of the campaign, likely as a means of providing new quest-giver NPCs and gear vendors in the lead-up to endgame.

One word; fantastic. Marvel’s Avengers is shaping up to be game of the year material already and with several months still to go until launch, Crystal Dynamics has plenty of time to polish its ambitious project even further. Needless to say, we can’t wait, but what about you? Let us know your impressions of today’s news in the usual place below!