New Mass Effect 3 “Earth” DLC Announced

BioWare has announced a new DLC pack for Mass Effect 3, and it features a rather familiar location as its focus — Earth. The DLC will be released on July 17 for Xbox 360, PC and (North American) PS3 owners. European PS3 owners, however, will have to wait until the next day to download the content.

The best part of the whole deal? It’s absolutely free to download.

The new DLC will feature London, Rio and Vancouver as locations and six new N7 human classes to choose from. In addition to all of this, the DLC will add three new weapons to the game — the Piranha assault shotgun, the Typhoon assault rifle and the Acolyte pistol.

Once the new ending DLC has run its course with you, this should certainly give you an opportunity to extend the shelf life of Mass Effect 3.

Is this flow of new DLC something that you’re expecting from BioWare now, or is it something you’re enjoying while it lasts, gamers? Let us know in the comments section below.