9 Things We Want to See In Mass Effect: Andromeda


As any Mass Effect fan will know, last week heralded our first taste of Mass Effect: Andromeda in the flesh when in-game footage debuted at the PS Pro conference. What we got was a carefully-curated slice of work: light on gameplay, but pretty nonetheless.

It showed off the innards of a space structure of sorts, replete with blue hues and a nifty jetpack. The camera offered us a wide-angle view of the scene at hand; a camera that stuck far less tightly to the player than in previous Mass Effect titles. Will a sense of scale and freedom be more important to BioWare this time around? Time will tell.

Beyond beautiful lighting and a short cutscene though, the demo didn’t show much else. N7 Day promises a bigger reveal in November, but for the time being, here’s what we’re hoping to see when the full game lands in March.

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