Master Balls, New Characters Grace Upcoming Super Smash Bros. Titles


Whenever a new Super Smash Bros. title is announced, gamers from all over the globe begin to wonder, brainstorm and pipe dream about the characters that will (or should) grace its colourful battlefields. That was certainly true of the upcoming Wii U and 3DS iterations, but today’s Nintendo Direct brought closure to most of those thoughts and questions.

Today, it was confirmed that the following characters will appear in this much-talked about Super Smash Bros. duo:

(Please note that mid-match form changes are no longer a part of the game before reading this list.)

Zero Suit Samus (with jet boots!)
Princess Zelda
King Dedede
Captain Olimar (complete with three Pikmin followers and a wind Pikmin special move)
Yoshi (standing upright)
Little Mac (featuring a power bar that builds towards an instant K.O. attack)
Villager (who chops down trees and can build a home as his super move)
Megan Man
Wii Fit Trainers
The Yellow Devil (as a boss)
Ridley (also as a boss, it seems)

Adding onto the cool factor that exists within the above list, is the fact that new trophies and newly-added master Pokeballs will factor into the games. The latter of those two items will apparently be rare, and are said to only include rare Pokemon within their means.