Master Chief Invades PAX Prime

Why hello again netizens, it seems Microsoft is throwing the largest live Halo event in history at PAX Prime this year. The event will consist of tournaments, panels of cool people to meet, and some fabulous prizes. This year’s event is significant because it’s Halo’s tenth anniversary, and Microsoft want to celebrate in style for the series that made the Xbox, and 360 legitimate contenders in the gaming market. Check out the event description below:

“This event commemorates ten incredible years of Halo, looking back at the amazing stories that forged a diverse community and redefined gaming for two entire console generations. Join us August 26th-28th, at the Washington State Convention Center, and see why the last ten years of Halo were just the beginning.”

There is speculation that Bungie plans to unveil a new Halo title at the event, altough no one has stepped forward in attempt to confirm or deny this. The Event itself will be held at Pax Prime in Seattle,Washington at the Washington State Convention Center, Annex 3rd floor. It’s a three day event beginning on Friday, August 26th. The time schedule for these three days are as follows:

Friday 26th: 10am – 6pm

Saturday 27th : 10am – midnight(12am)

Sunday 28th : 10am – 6pm

You must have purchased a Pax Prime badge in order to gain admission.